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unskirt batch-1

Hey, I’m Viya, and welcome onboard!

This page is created exclusively for you, the unskirt owners, and it can only be accessed by the QR code on your unskirts.

Here, I invited you to join the journey of being unapologetically yourself and exploring femininity in your own definitions.

I also invite you to become unseem's committee. I will share what I know about unskirt, and if you like, help me to make it better. 


There are two stages of unskirt by unseem:


If you received an unskirt before September 30th, 2022, they are made either by Shirley in Montreal, Edwin in Mexico, or me in my home studio. There were only about 20 of them! 

Prototyping Materials include Linen, Linen-Cotton Mix and Recycled Polyester, and 100% Polyester. 


First Formal Production (200 pieces)

If you backed unseem on Kickstarter in May 2022, your unskirt is made by a Montreal production company. Our collaboration with Shirley and Edwin didn't continue as expected due to capacity reason. 

1st batch materials: 

Recycled Polyester: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Spandex. On average, each unskirt consists 9.5 post-consumer plastic bottles diverted from the waste stream.

The good: wrinkle resistant, super durable, super easy to take care of it


The bad: recycled polyester is still polyester, and it can only be recycled for a limited amount of time. It's not biodegradable and can shed toxic microfibers during washing. 


The solution: wear often, wash less, and return to unseem if it's not wearable anymore (Instruction on how to return it is coming soon). 

100% Tencel: A fiber originating from the renewable raw material wood, is manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. Tencel is compostable and biodegradable and thus can fully revert back to nature.

The good: biodegradable, breathable, and gentle on the skin...

The bad: wrinkles, need maintenance, need to be careful in washing

The solution: wear often, hang properly, air dry 

Viya's note

As you might have known, I'm not from the fashion industry. I’m like you, a conscious consumer who is trying to do my part. After learning about textile, clothing recycling, and production, I had to come to terms with the reality. 

In my opinion, both as a business owner and a consumer, the change requires efforts from both sides. Brands should produce responsibly (using quality materials, preventing overproducing, ensuring a living wage for the workers, etc.), and consumers should consume consciously ( buy good, buy less, wear often, and take care of the clothes). 

How do I know the fabrics I use is sustainable and good? 

I purchased my fabrics from reputable Canadian suppliers, they are well-known in the industry, and I trust them. However, I did NOT personally trace back to the country of origin. 


How to take care of your unskirt: 

Wash in cold water or delicate mode;

Air dry air dry air dry air dry air dry air dry air dry air dry air dry air dry air dry air dry x10 


For sharing

"unseem001" is your exclusive discount; if you can think of anyone who might be benefiting from unskirt by unseem, use this discount code as an invitation. 


For feedback

My email is



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