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A New and Better Way to Wear Skirts: Challenging the Norm and Doing What Really Works

A New and Better Way to Wear Skirts: Challenging the Norm and Doing What Really Works


Skirts have been around for centuries, seen often as symbols of femininity that have carried multiple implications and meanings over time. In its various different forms - short or long, tight or loose, made of leather or tulle - it has been loved, loathed, complimented, and insulted by fans and critics. Today, with new context behind the concept of wxmen's empowerment, the way we dress is often seen as an opportunity for self-expression and exploration.


A Brief History of the Skirt

Standing amongst the oldest items of clothing ever made, skirts have remained a fashion staple for centuries, found all around the world. Known to cater originally to both men and women, skirts have undergone various forms throughout the years. After being long used for their practicality, it didn't take long for skirts to become interwoven with meanings of femininity, modesty, and social class.

The skirts we know today started making their way into the spotlight during the 50s and 60s, as the fashion industry experienced a gradual shift into the popularization of shorter and more revealing garments. The introduction of this "scandalous" style was meant as a celebration of womanhood personified; a way to boldly wear the growing sense of independence of the time. In many ways, the association of the skirt with the idea of femininity established by this era remains.


Expectations vs. Reality

While the empowering symbol behind the skirt still stands for a lot of womxn and men today, it represents an intimidating and uncomfortable experience for many others. The idea of throwing on a skirt and walking down the street looking our best might be appealing in its own sense, but putting that plan into action can be more overwhelming than we realize.

Have you ever thrown on a skirt and walked out of the door, only to spend your commute tugging at it and wishing you had gone for pants, instead? Me, too.

The truth is, looking good isn't always enough, especially when it requires us to sacrifice feeling good in the process. In real life, the special, empowering moment that we seek is routinely disrupted by insecurity, fear, and unwanted feelings of vulnerability - so it's time to do something about it.


Unseem is All About the Solution

Unseem strives to do more than add another piece to your collection; it’s about solving a problem. After all, a piece of clothing is only as good as it makes us feel. The "unskirt" tackles functionality, style, and comfort all at once, as the first wrap skirt to feature invisible shorts, an adjustable waistband, and phone-sized pockets. Chic, versatile, and practical, this piece fits right into your wardrobe in exactly the way you need it to - from your business meetings to your bike rides and dinner dates, you are good to go.

Inspired by my own struggles and reservations with skirts, this piece has been constructed with care, intention, and purpose. The unskirt is adaptable to the busy, active urban lifestyle while maintaining the look you love - here, you come first, no compromises attached. After all, who says empowerment has to come at a cost? It's all about basking in freedom and doing exactly what you want.

With Unseem, there's never any need to give up on something you love, and no need to give up on comfort and functionality, either. Wear your skirt the way you want to, just the way you deserve.